Century 21 is an Interntional corporation. We have been a name people can trust since 1971, with offices in all 50 states and in more than 64 countries and territories. You can trust Century 21 to have the experience and knowledge to protect you. There's a reason we're known as the GOLD Standard.


The Savvy Seller

In order to be a savvy seller you have to think like a savvy buyer. Buyers want quality, convenience, and value. Linda has the expertise to help you sell.

Tips for Selling:

  • Price it Right: Buyers are looking for the best value for their money. Homes that are over-priced sit on the market for a long time, and no one looks at them. Homes that are priced right, sell. Linda can help you find the right price for your home by doing a free market analysis.
  • Make improvements that are low-cost but high impact. Linda can evaluate your home and tell you what kind of simple tricks you can do to give instant curb appeal and saleability. She has the experience to know just what you need.
  • Marketing, marketing, marketing. This is another of Linda's specialties. Linda will market your property in such a way that it will be seen all over the world, and become part of a series of networks that reaches international referrals. Century 21 is the leader in National Marketing and Networking.




Home Improvement

If you need to make improvements to your home prior to selling, here are some great examples of things you can do that are inexpensive, and will increase the saleability and value of your home.

  • Paint Job - A no brainer. Most homes could use this anyway, a paint job can make your home look fresh and clean.
  • Molding - inexpensive, easy to do yourself, crown molding adds a lot of class to an otherwise drab room.
  • Fixtures and knobs - Lamps & doorknobs are inexpensive and can update a room with ease.

For more Tips, Contact Linda!